The Artist Toray Green

Toray Green Headshot.jpg

Toray is best described as a creator and visionary who once had hopes of becoming a fashion designer. During her teenage years she quickly turned her attention to the art of designing and fashioning hairstyles.  Toray has over twenty years of experience behind the chair, on stage, traveling, and education. Her passion stems from the light that shines in the face of a client with a new cut, look, or makeup application. This Artist is focused on making certain that every service you receive is a diamond experience. 


In 2011 a car accident was thought to end this Artists career. With resilience she healed and focused on building a brand and company that centered around her gifts and talents to serve women. The letters H.I.M is stationed on her faith, and Christian life. Her passion to uplift every person that is in her sphere of influence stems from her love of God and people.  It also showcases her talents that extend far beyond the styling chair. 


Life Quote- "If you love me tell me the truth, it may hurt but it will help me"